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Free onsite IT System Audit

What is a Free Onsite IT System Audit? Why Do I Need it ?

To enable us to have a technical understanding of your IT Infrastructure we need to run a basic audit of your IT Hardware and related Software. This then gives us a clear understanding of the structure, configuration and condition of the equipment connected to your network.Once we have this overview, we will give you a simple report to enable you to make any informed decisions regarding any current or future support that you may require.

Onsite Appraisals include assessments on:

We will also go over any other concerns that you may have, so give one of our experienced team a call today and let us put your mind to rest.

Our Process

Why do we offer a free IT Infrastructure Audit ?

Understanding  your Environment

We need to complete an Audit to get a technical overview of your exiting IT infrastructure.

This is completely free and no obligation to use IT Sales & Service going forward. However we would love to have you as a client.

Technical Recommendations

Once the IT Audit is complete, we will sit down with you and explain in simple to understand language our recommendations and general findings of your existing systems.  

Future IT Support

Not all clients need a monthly managed service. Sometimes it is more cost effective to use us on an Ad-Hoc Basis. We will cover this and much more on completion of the Audit.

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